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After graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Kyle Purwin (guitar, vocals, writing) moved back to the West Coast, and immersed himself in the Los Angeles music scene. He teamed up with like-minded musicians Tony Gallo (drums) and Sam Apotheker (bass) and formed Amonarchy. The band performs regularly at clubs in the Los Angeles area, is known for its energetic performances and powerful sound, and has gained an enthusiastic fan base in the rock music scene.

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Kyle Purwin

Kyle picked up a guitar at the age of seven and has rarely put it down since. His musical inspirations included Led Zeppelin, Muse, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Queen and System of a Down.


Kyle immersed himself in the Los Angeles music scene while in high school, playing clubs and connecting with musicians active in the rock and metal genres.


He became active in the Boston music scene after moving to the city to attend Berklee College of Music. He earned a BM in Performance, emphasis on guitar, and a minor in Recording & Production from Berklee before heading back to LA, where he formed Amonarchy.


Kyle wrote and produced the music for Amonarchy’s self-titled debut album, released in June 2023.

Tony Gallo: Drums

Tony was born to Italian parents at Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina. He was raised in southern Italy after his parents relocated there during his early childhood. From a young age, Tony developed a deep passion for music, with a particular focus on percussion.


Tony’s musical influences included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Nirvana and Blink 182. He pursued a formal education in music at the Academy dei Due Mari in Puglia where he had the privilege of being mentored by esteemed drummers Alessandro Napolitano, Virgil Donati and Dom Famularo.


After college Tony moved to the US to pursue a career in music. He stayed in a hotel in Hollywood for a few weeks after arriving to the country, actively networking within the Los Angeles music scene. Tony discovered a musical fit with Amonarchy after successfully auditioning for the band in 2021.


Sam Epoch: Bass

Sam Epoch is a multi-instrumentalist from the Greater Boston Area. Raised on music, with a diverse taste and skillset, Sam always felt his mission was to inspire through music. His influences include Nirvana, NIN, Linkin Park, Polyphia, Opeth and Operation Ivy.


Sam started playing bass and guitar at age 13 and began making home recordings. In high school Sam started producing rap albums and making CD’s for his local community.  In 2010 he started Beat Cruise Collective with his friends, releasing cassettes and CD’s through various local and international labels. He attended Berklee College of Music where he studied jazz and classical genres and continued to develop his musical style.


After moving to Los Angeles in 2019, Sam joined Amonarchy with his longtime friends to bring the new spirit of heavy metal to the public.

Latest Albums


  • Launched June 10, 2023
  • 9  titles
  • recorded by charlie scovill  and Sean Lee
  • Produced by Kyle Purwin

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